Friday, March 1, 2024

End of Week News and Notes

 Good afternoon and Happy March!

This week in math, we continued our work on fractions. For anyone struggling at home, please know that we will keep working on fractions for awhile, and many students are finding the work challenging. However, the lessons in class mirror the homework, so students should have an understanding of what they are being asked to do, and if they are confused, they should be asking questions in class. Please encourage your student to advocate for themselves when they are confused - I’m here to help! In literacy, we continued working on poetry, identifying themes and the author’s purpose or intent with the words they use. In writing, students drafted their final persuasive letters using their best penmanship (or at least I asked them to) and properly formatting their letter. If your student wrote their letter to you, then they will be bringing it home next week. Please review it with them and let them know how persuasive it was and what you think of their reasoning. Finally in science, we began our “Fates of Traits” unit, which explores how human beings have modified plants based on our knowledge of how plants inherit their traits. We will continue this work into next week.

There is no homework this weekend, but I encourage students to doing some reading to get a head start on their reading log! (See below)

* Trimester 2 report cards are available today on Power School. If your student receives any related services at school, please check their home folder as updates and other paperwork were sent home today. If you need help logging into PowerSchool to view grades, please contact the tech department for help.

* On that note, many students had some overflowing home folders. Most are old papers I’ve returned to students, but please take a minute to review and clean those papers so we can start fresh for the new trimester.

* This month, instead of a book report, students will be completing a reading log to keep track of their independent reading. This reading log should stay at home until students have completed their reading minutes for the month or Friday, March 22nd (the last day before spring break).

That’s all for now! Have a nice weekend!

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