Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Trimester 1 "Progress Reports"

Good afternoon! 

It’s hard to believe, but we are two and half weeks from the end of the trimester. 
Today I sent home informal progress reports to let you know your student’s current grades and areas for improvement. These grades ARE NOT final and can change. The good news is that nearly all students have the potential to be successful, “A” students with a little hard work and extra focus.

We will review the information and notes on your student’s progress report at conferences, but there were some classroom-wide trends I wanted to address. 

By far,  the three main factors negatively effecting grades are 1) missing or late work, 2) failure to read directions or questions completely, and 3) lack of academic focus and effort. These factors are all very common for 3rd grade, especially executive functioning issues, so I will continue to work with students to developing proper organizational habits and reminding students to take their time and put in quality effort on their work.

This trimester, I have provided students with missing work extra copies and time to complete those assignments in class as I know students are still getting adjusted to the rigor and pace of 3rd grade. However, 4th grade teachers may not be as flexible, so I want to really work on helping student independently manage their workloads so they are not overwhelmed next year. 

I truly believe all students in this class can excel academically, and I look forward to working with them to be successful students and helping them achieve significant academic growth during this year. I look forward to discussing your student’s progress at our upcoming conferences. 


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